Since 2005, I have served as the Senior Designer at Britten, Inc. where I oversee day-to-day marketing initiatives and large format advertisement. I am fortunate to work with many of the biggest brands in America, often serving as Creative Director and/or Project Manager.

Industries include Sports & Events, Retail Environments, Education, Construction, Trade Shows and more.

Print Design

Retail & Exhibit Design

Sports & Event Design

Website Design

Mike Dudek is an incredible talent. His work ethic, eye for design, adeptness & prowess with the written word & graphic design is like no other. He’s what I’ll call a “dream come true” in the realm of marketing because he truly ‘does it all’, and well. Mike is one of the most critical players at Britten–without his expertise, we wouldn’t be the company we are today. I’d recommend his work–whether copy writing, graphic design or web work, to anyone looking for an intelligent professional who will not disappoint.

Jenn Ryan / Staff at Jesse L. Williams Law & Advocacy Center