Journey to Wellness | Logo Development

Worked with Sarah Hubbell, MA LLPC on the design & conceptual development of this logo for her private counseling practice. Ultimately, there were over a dozen concepts in a variety of color patterns before the final version was completed.

Mike is currently creating my website for my private practice as a counselor. He took the time to go over what ideas and information I wanted placed within my website. He then successfully created what I had envisioned. He has remained consistent in fullfilling all of my needs and wants through this process. With Mike’s attention to detail, he has created a website, that I believe will be very successful in helping to bring clients to my practice and to help them obtain necessary resources/education from it. I highly recommend Mike for your website design needs and any additional graphic design work needed for your small or large business.

— Sarah E. Hubbell, Independent Business Owner at Journey to Wellness Counseling