Give Me a (Spring) Break

Ah, yes… “Spring Break.”

Back in the day, it meant taking a week off from school and your family might pack up for vacation in a sunnier climate.  The phrase Spring Break conjures images for some of college students in the ’80s taking road trips to Fort Lauderdale for cheap drink specials and general rowdiness.  Even when I was a senior in high school, I remember friends of mine who traveled as far as Jamaica for a weekend of wild fun or underage drinking in Cancun.

Not for me that year, though, as my parents might see to it.  Instead, a few friends of mine and I loaded up my mom and dad’s van and hightailed it down to Mammoth Caves, Kentucky.  Pretty mild by comparison, but it was affordable and a unique experience, warmer than home and a chance to get away for a short time.

And when I was a senior in college, I remember not traveling to Florida or Mexico for Spring Break.  This time, I spent it reading James Joyce’s “Ulysses” for English class, and drinking Guinness by the fireplace back at home for the week.  It remains the greatest book I have ever read, and prepared me for my graduation two months later and a student work exchange program that would take me to Dublin that summer.

Fast forward 20 years later… These days, “Spring Break” means (at work) that everybody we know with kids leaves town while we cover for them at the office.  Generally we are operating with half our usual staff, and the week passes quietly and fairly quickly.

Spring Break is that wonderful time of year when it’s still only 30 degrees in Michigan, and opening day for Major League Baseball is only 2 weeks away.  St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, and the March Madness college basketball tournament is underway.  It’s cold.  It’s dark, your brackets are busted, and there’s nothing you want more than to see the foot of dirty snow start to melt away.

My wife and I thought about taking a Spring Getaway ourselves this year, but now there is the consideration of our dog (read more on the day we brought Laika home, almost a year ago now) but the family who usually watches her while we are gone had a full kennel.  (On account of everyone leaving town for Spring Break, I would imagine?)

So even if we aren’t leaving town this Spring Break, sunnier weather is on the horizon.  We have an trip plans for Chicago to consider, summer weather and baseball games, Italian dinners and jazz at Andy’s.

Hope you all have a great Spring Break… whether at home or abroad!

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